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I think they're confusing the Decembrists with the Decemberists


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Just because the Red Menace is now just a sometimes catchy ("July July"), sometimes grating ("Song for Myla Goldberg") band from Portland doesn't mean we have to stop being afraid of it:

"Hugh also notes that The Decemberists typically open their shows with what I'm sure is a stirring rendition of the Soviet national anthem. No word on whether they opened the Obama rally with such a performance, but I'm certain our trusted media would have reported it if they did."

Thers at Whiskey Fire notes: "Quick, someone e-mail Michael Goldfarb a detailed explanation of how Obama only connects with African-American voters because he won the endorsement of Death Cab for Cutie. Bet you a nickel he'd go for it." I am excited about the integration of establishment indie culture into mainstream political narratives just because of the silliness that will result. Somehow we skipped politicians having to answer for Husker Du or something. Wasn't that what Rock the Vote was for?

PS: I go back and forth on Death Cab, but "Company Calls" is pretty undeniable. Maybe because it's the closest they get to sounding like Heatmiser? Anyway, here's Ben Gibbard covering the Mountain Goats' magisterial "Palmcorder Yajna" (real version here). It's weird.

Worth noting: Songza, from (or a side project of?) the local software company Humanized, is awesome.

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