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Flexing Your Buying Power - Dress for Less and Less -

"Clothing is one of the few categories in the federal Consumer Price Index in which overall prices have declined — about 10 percent — since 1998 (the cost of communication is another)."

May 26, 1908: Mideast Oil Discovered -- There Will Be Blood

The site was so remote that it took five days before D'Arcy got word by telegram in England. "If this is true," he replied, "all our troubles are over."

BBC NEWS | UK | Magazine | Does this picture make you angry?

"There has been a conspicuous trend in the last five years towards the production of negatively-valued women in the public sphere."

BLDGBLOG: The Other Night Sky

"We are now partially building ourselves a new night sky – and this surrogate astronomy is being put there so we can make international phone calls."

Contractors Are Kept Busy Maintaining Abandoned Homes -

"Ms. Lang of Integrated Mortgage Solutions has started a nonprofit group, No Paws Left Behind, to find homes for abandoned pets and to offer help with pets to homeowners in foreclosure."

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