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comment Turning 40

"That’s one measure of success, right? Your continuity with your past selves; their willingness to let you buy them a beer."

Remembering the Sixteen People Who've Died in Construction Accidents This Year -- New York Magazine

"A 58-year-old New York native, he hated flowers and had asked that upon his death, donations be given to the Autism Society of America."

The Architecture Issue - The New, New City - Life in an Instant City - Shenzhen, China - Dubai, United Arab Emirates -

"the 20th-century city is over. It has nothing new to teach us anymore. Our job is simply to maintain it"

McCain would like to see a man on Mars

"McCain said one of his favorite books as a child had been Ray Bradbury's 1950 novel "The Martian Chronicles," about humans colonizing the Red Planet."

Fred Hiatt is an idiot « The Poor Man Institute

"Thank you, Fred Hiatt, for boldly speaking out against Big Bumper Sticker. Edward R. Morrow is spinning in his grave with pride."