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Inexplicable moments in adjudication


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Showing the jury a studio photograph of the alleged victim on a large screen, he then told them that if they were going to find Kelly guilty of 14 counts of child pornography, "you are going to have to call (the alleged victim) 14 times individually and collectively a whore."

Barely audible, he whispered, "My momma told me when we were kids, 'if you ain't got something nice to say about someone, don't say it about her."

He concluded his argument saying, "How are you 14 times going to call her a whore?"

Bill Wyman writes: "In this case, either the jury has been assessed as being deranged, or Kelly is not getting the defense he might have."

I get the strategy--it would be unfortunate for the victim if the victim was actually the victim, so for heaven's sake don't say she's the victim . . . by finding my client guilty. As Wyman suggests it's probably too deranged to work, but thinking many things in this world are deranged clearly hasn't gotten me very far.

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