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Whispers is one way to put it


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It's worth noting that the Michelle Obama "whispers" that are a very big important story at the Trib and elsewhere amount, if you actually read the article, to dated criticism of one thing she said a couple months ago and totally bonkers Internet rumors like the "whitey" video, an impossibly thinly sourced project of professional angry man and former CIA op Larry Johnson, which has become the object of great hilarity for people who are tired of waiting for the tape and are starting to suspect that it doesn't exist.

I do wonder if anyone will mention that time Cindy McCain went all House M.D. on her own charity, or speculate how the story would be written if she was a black woman from the south side of Chicago. "It’s going to get worse, and it’s going to be everywhere, and there’s nothing anyone can do to stop it." Indeed.

Update: A handy observation from James Fallows about a different thing: "the article that 'uncovers' this startling fact is written in classic and depressing Beltway 'could be perceived as problematic' style."

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