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Arts education report released


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On Wednesday, 6/18, the Rand Corporation and the Wallace Foundation released the results of a joint study assessing efforts to restore public school arts programs in six urban areas: Chicago, New York City, Boston, Dallas, and California's Los Angeles and Alameda counties.

According to Edward Pauly, director of research and evaluation at The Wallace Foundation, “Arts education has been found to enhance children’s ability to ‘learn how to learn’ and to develop skills of persistence and teamwork and improve the overall school experience, sustaining children’s interest and enthusiasm for learning.” And yet the emphasis placed on standardized math and reading tests by the No Child Left Behind Act has led school districts to sharply reduce the number of arts teaching positions and the time made available for arts courses during the school day.

"But the results of our study demonstrate that, with the right leadership and the collaborative efforts of public and private organizations, children can enjoy the many benefits of arts education,” said Susan Bodilly, director of RAND Education and the study’s lead author.

The full report, Revitalizing Arts Education Through Community-Wide Coordination, and a summary are available at

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