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Jim Lasko at Pecha Kucha


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In 2003, Tokyo-based, European-born architects Astrid Klein and Mark Dytham started Pecha Kucha, a forum for designers to exchange ideas and discuss projects. The genius of the thing was that it imposed limits on presenters (no more than 20 slides, no more than 20 seconds per slide) so they couldn't bore one another the way they normally do. It spread like a viral video. The latest count lists flesh-and-blood meetings in 127 cities worldwide, including Chicago. (The next local one: Tue, 9/2, 8 PM, Martyrs', $10.)

Redmoon Theater artistic director Jim Lasko did a Pecha Kucha talk on the theme of failure. It's very cool and available for viewing at the Redmoon blog site. Take a look.

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