Bloodshot scores big, signs Dexter Romweber | Bleader

Bloodshot scores big, signs Dexter Romweber


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The legendary Dexter Romweber, he of the Flat Duo Jets, has just signed a multialbum deal with Bloodshot Records. His first release for the label will allegedly feature duets with Chan Marshall, Neko Case, and Exene Cervenka, but even so, this might not be a big score for Bloodshot as far as sales go--it's definitely a big score as far as keeping connected to real roots music goes, though. Romweber has been rocking the shit out of roots-rock since well before it became hep again.

What makes this news especially exciting to me is that it portends more records and tours by the Dexter Romweber Duo, the other member of which is Romweber's equally talented but chronically underrated sister. Sara Romweber used to play drums in the original lineup of Let's Active and in Snatches of Pink (we southerners have long memories). The duo passes through town on July 16, playing a show at the Red Line Tap.