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Moving day newsroundup


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I have to move today--Woodlawn to West Town, which I am very much looking forward to--but here's a brief newsroundup.

* Pufferfish toxin arrest: Kinda disappointed that it wasn't Grant Achatz. That would make an awesome movie: avant-garde chef prepares the perfect meal, but at the end you die.

* Everything about this article is awesome, including/especially the picture and is, as a friend once put it, as American as a bald eagle wrapped in fireworks.

* Man buying sno-cone shot, robbed on W. Side: I just like it when someone includes the right detail, that's all. Also: $800?

* Rose may be more impressive as a person: The only thing more entertaining than Jay Mariotti's angry articles are Jay Mariotti's mancrush articles. There's really no in between with Jay. If I worked at the Sun-Times I'd discipline him for every dumb outburst by making him write five-part series on Toby Hall and Nick Masset until he chilled out.

* Obama insists he's true red, white & blue / Obama to expand Bush's faith-based programs: Sweeps week, I guess. I'll make this easier on y'all: if he doesn't sing the national anthem at an inevitable Chicago MLB team playoff game, I will insist on being named the replacement for David Axelrod.

* Vandals leave anti-Obama, McCain notes: Clearly a sign that it's time to start preparing for the movers.


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