Mother never warned me about the lasers | Bleader

Mother never warned me about the lasers


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I've heard a lot of stories about Moscow nightlife from DJs who've been flown over there to spin for what turned out to be rooms full of ballin' mafiya dudes and their hooker girlfriends, which led me to believe that the worst thing you have to worry about when you're making the Russian scene is getting ruthlessly murdered by thugs in Versace. But as bad as that would be, I think getting blinded by a laser at a rave might actually suck worse.

On one hand you get to, you know, survive the incident, but on the other hand try getting this out of your head: "Powerful lasers can cause eye damage instantly by burning the delicate light sensitive cells in the retina or by heating the fluid in the eye, causing a small steam explosion." NO THANKS DUDE.

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