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Not LEET certified


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Update: Obviously I'd prefer the stream, but I appreciate the live blog .

Given how much video the Trib has access to through WGN and the company's other holdings, not to mention extremely useful and important access to things like Jody Weis's appearance before City Council--which I really wanted to watch--I wish it'd work better. Someone tell Lee Abrams or whoever that, we, the readers, WANT. And, arguably, need.

Internet Explorer (for the record, I'm running Windows XP with WMP 11 and IE 7; I tried twice with this result): 

Opera (same result as Firefox; incidentally, this dialog box is a classic usability fail)

I know from first-hand and more or less life-long experience that these problems are harder to fix than you might think, so I'm not unusually surprised or unsympathetic. Even really well-done streaming video, like Netflix or MLB Gameday, has weird cross-platform hitches. Hell, Netflix doesn't even stream on Macs, which is an audience you'd think they'd really need.

So it's not a pwn, more like a sincere request. Also, plz archive the Jody Weis appearance in full, thx.

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