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What he said, mostly



Clarence Page: just sensible. But wanted to note one thing:

And as the world watched and waited for any slips by Obama, the first gaffe of his trip went to—John McCain! In an ABC interview, McCain referred to the rough "situation on the Iraq-Pakistan border." Since the two countries don't share a border, McCain's foreign affairs expertise suddenly didn't sound so good.

As Page goes on to point out, this was a pretty insignificant verbal slip. He meant Iran, it happens... and it wasn't worth mentioning in the first place (neither in the Trib nor on the blogs that trumpeted the verbal typo). On the other hand, McCain's slipperiness with the Anbar Awakening and the "surge," and his awkward attempts to justify it, are more worrisome (let's not even get into the role of ethnic cleansing in the reduction of violence in Iraq, but you can read more here, here and here).

By the way, if you're sick of stories about How Awesome Obama Is or stories about How Terrible It Is that Everyone Thinks That, Juan Cole takes the world-traveling senator to task for his statements about Afghanistan and Pakistan. Worth a read. As is Madhavi Badsin's post at Cole's blog on the broad similarities between the two candidates' foreign policy philosophies.