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Local rapper shoots cops (with a camera)


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Kidz in the Hall seem like pretty chill dudes, so the news that MC Naledge was arrested in Tempe, Arizona, "on suspicion of interfering with a police investigation" took me by surprise. A Phoenix-area newspaper gives a fairly sketchy account of an incident in a Tempe nightclub involving "a melee . . . between [Kidz in the Hall producer and DJ] Double-0 and bouncers at the club, and Naledge was reportedly arrested on suspicion of photographing the incident." Hiphopdx.com has a couple more details, including eyewitness reports that Naledge was taken in for snapping pictures of Double-0 being handcuffed by police. Apparently Tempe cops are a little camera shy?

I'm waiting for an official statement from the Kidz' management about the incident, but considering Naledge's brains and the big-ass grin he's wearing in his mug shot (above) I'm guessing he feels confident he's in the clear.

(via Fake Shore Drive)

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