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Girls Rock! Chicago onstage at Metro


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The Girls Rock! Chicago camp, now in its third summer, gives girls ages 9 through 16 a week to form a band and write a song (and in some cases learn their instruments). Every year the organization has thrown a send-off party for departing campers--an afternoon concert where all the bands get to take the stage at a proper rock club and play their songs. Back in 2006 it was at Schubas, but this year, like last year, it'll be at Metro. (It's a hell of a first gig, if you ask me--I've been playing in bands in Chicago for 12 years and would probably still get the jitters on that stage.)

The show's Saturday at 3:30 PM (doors at 3) and should wrap up by 5:30. It's all-ages, natch. The six-dollar cover benefits the Girls Rock! Chicago camp, of course, and all 17 camper bands will play. None of this year's girls have quite matched the strangest band name to come out of the 2007 camp--that'd be Contagious Love (of Chicken and Potatoes)--but you will get to hear Toe Jam Football, Day Beard Knife, and my personal favorite, Time's Up, Tuna.

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