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Self-seriousness of epic proportions


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I'm trying my darndest not to blog, but damn if Eric Zorn didn't push the right button: Olympic gymnastics analysts. They're basically my favorite part of the Olympics--imagine if Ron Santo talked like a golf announcer and only got to do his job for a few hours every four years. There's no one on earth--presidents, ER doctors, Special Forces, no one--as comically serious as an Olympics gymnastics analyst; if you accept the thumbnail equation that the ratio of earnestness vs. significance determines kitsch value, it's off the charts.

I wish I had the stamina to care that intensely about anything (sotto voce: Oh... oh, there's a typo in that post... this is just terrible... just terrible. He's always had trouble spelling 'physicist.' They can only hope he's not affected for the design he has to do later today...).


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