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What's opera, Lou?


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I was listening to the Cubs on WGN radio earlier this week, when what popped up between innings but an ad for the Lyric Opera. "Wow, the Lyric is doing Porgy and Bess this season," I thought, then did that head-wobbling cartoon double-take to wonder, "What is the Lyric doing advertising during baseball games?" Well, when you think about it, it makes considerable sense. The Cubs have that well-to-do Ravinia element to their audience, as well as ample corporations buying season tickets to give away to clients, and both segments would figure to have an interest in two of the toughest tickets in town. After all, it's not as if the Lyric is going to start advertising during White Sox games -- not until it adds the Who's Tommy or the Kinks' Schoolboys in Disgrace to its repertoire. And the Bears? Yeah, I can just see the Lyric promoting tailgating in the Loop parking garages. In any case, I shouldn't have to point out that both the Cubs and the Lyric are given to putting on tragedies. So if the Cubs return to form this season, the Lyric has already planted the seeds to take advantage. Maybe the Lyric should schedule an either/or flex opera to its season: some light, cheery Rossini if the Cubs somehow win it all, and Wagner if they extend the century-long drought.

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