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Disaster stalks the Sox, too


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Excuse White Sox fans for enjoying some schadenfreude over the Cubs' anguish. While the Sox were simply tending to baseball business, just trying to stay ahead of those pesky piranhas, the Minnesota Twins -- and were succeeding, a game and a half up going into play today -- the Cubs and their fans were frantic over the potential loss of twin aces Carlos Zambrano and Rich Harden to arm woes, even while nursing a five-game lead over the Milwaukee Brewers.

Well, the injury bug can strike recent World Series champs as well as cursed franchises, as the Sox lost Carlos Quentin this week just when he was arousing serious Most Valuable Player consideration. Quentin, whom the Sox all but stole from the Arizona Diamondbacks over the winter after they gave up on him, was the subject of a lead profile in this week's USA Today Sports Weekly, as he had pulled into the lead in polling for potential AL MVPs. He had 36 homers, 100 runs batted in, and was hitting .288 -- until in a fit of pique he struck his bat with his bare right hand in his last at-bat against the Cleveland Indians' Cliff Lee Monday and chipped a bone in his wrist.

Quentin might be back for postseason play, but the key for the Sox is getting from here to there without their leading MVP candidate. The Cubs might be cursed, but this was just bad baseball luck at the worst possible time. 

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