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"Everybody else" may be a majority of two -- Tribune Company COO Randy Michaels and innovation chief Lee Abrams. From what I hear, no mere editors are involved in the project to lure Mariotti into the Tower.

I mean, that totally makes sense. I'd be down with it too if Mariotti was a good writer or had interesting things to say about sports instead of being a fake contrarian whose primary job skill is needling Ozzie Guillen. But at this point he's like the Stephon Marbury of Chicago sports media--an expensive, surly prima donna and clubhouse cancer whose main selling point is his own spectacle and inflated reputation.

Update: If I was Mike Downey, or any of the other pissed off Tribune sportswriters, I'd go over Michaels's and Abrams's heads to Sam Zell, who called Mariotti an "assassin."

Update II: Think ahead; hire Christina Kahrl.