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Mayor Cultural Hero on City Hall's plan to ask Wrigleyville and U.S. Cellular bars to "voluntarily" cut off service after the seventh inning of MLB playoff games:

Bar owners reacted angrily, arguing that customers who don’t get served will get up and leave and never come back.

Daley was not sympathetic.

"Then I’ll have someone buy their place tomorrow. It’s not gonna cost ’em any business [Ed. note: !?!]. They made enough money all year. I’m sorry. We’re just talking about common sense. That’s all this is. Because I’ll tell you one thing — if that community sees something they don’t like, they will not have a bar. They will not have a liquor license. They will vote it completely dry," the mayor said.

Couldn't they just raise liquor taxes for two innings? Maybe force them to buy near-beer from the Wirtz family? That's how we usually do it, right? 

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