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David Fremon on the way Clout City was


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Clout City's vocal commenters don't seem too impressed by Cloutwiki, the new site Mick blogged about on Monday. But the post prompted Tony Joyce to send a link to this highly entertaining interview with the late, great David Fremon.

When Fremon died of cancer at age 50 in 1999, Ben was moved to write these lines:

Fremon was a diligent researcher who spent hours in the old Municipal Reference Library reading back copies of community papers in search of quirky quotes and anecdotes. "Before I could write a book about Chicago, I decided I had to journey around every ward in the city and see just what is there," said his preface. "It took the better part of two months, visiting one or two wards a day, traveling on every street in the city." 

Clout City regular Hugh says Fremon's Chicago Politics Ward by Ward "is on my desk every day, it never makes it back up on the shelf, that's how indispensable it is for understanding Our Fair City. Fremon meticulously, time-consumingly researched 'Chicago Politics,' using many NEWSPAPER ARCHIVES, not 'public knowledge.' I know Fremon's 'Chicago Politics.' Fremon's 'Chicago Politics' is a friend of mine. Cloutwiki is no Fremon's 'Chicago Politics.'"

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