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McChaos is losing


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"It is difficult to find a modern competitive presidential race that has swung so dramatically, so quickly and so sharply this late in the campaign. In the last 20 days, Sen. Barack Obama has gone from seven points down to eight points up in Florida, while widening his leads to eight points in Ohio and 15 points in Pennsylvania," said Peter Brown, assistant director of the Quinnipiac University Polling Institute.

Digby seems to think that this is related to the economic meltdown, and I think it does relate to the extent that McCain is hamstrung by his party's record, but their actual stated positions on the bailout haven't really diverged very much. Instead: I know the world is very complicated, but my guess is that political junkies will look back on the past couple weeks of the McCain campaign sort of the way baseball fans look at the '86 Red Sox. It's something we'll tell our children about.

In related news, Obama and Durbin have announced their support of Failout 2.0 from the Senate floor; it's going to pass, but the House is still the roadblock.

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