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They were who we thought they were



I thought that because Sarah Palin managed to avoid collapsing in on herselfand drawing the McCain campaign into a black hole of incompetence--though it's worth noting that her handlers increased her handicap--it hardly represented a draw with Joe Biden, but I guess I was wrong. "The Winner? It's Debatable":

She succeeded Thursday in one crucial respect: re-establishing herself as a charismatic, composed performer. The evening had offered a needed opportunity to reverse a growing perception among voters that she lacks the intellectual firepower and experience to be a heartbeat away from the presidency.


And being considerably smarter and more articulate than many caricatures suggest, Palin spoke her declarative sentences, declarative sentences delivered without necessary regard to any question, with passion, striking speed, and an upbeat folksy charm.

And thank goodness for that:

In and out of the campaigns, America is obsessed with clear, focused, personal communication. It is surely a consequence of our cluttered and bewildering media and economic environment. We've never been in deeper need of an emotional narrative, and both sides are desperately trying to deliver one.

Heartwarming. I know that when the House and Senate were busy passing a $700 billion Wall Street bailout that even professional economists can't agree is necessary what I was really in want of was an emotional narrative. Maybe she can contract herself out to the DOD, since they have plenty of money to throw at emotional narratives.

And since I'm in an ill temper about this, let's see what David Brooks has to say:

There she was, resplendent in black, striding out like a power-walker, and greeting Joe Biden like an assertive salesman, first-naming him right off the bat.

Sorry, bad idea.

Anyway, it's swell that so many professional journalists thought Gov. Palin did great on the basis of not swallowing her own tongue, because I think the McCain campaign could use the encouragement.

For me I thought Palin's one real achievement was when she and Biden remained on the stage, families in tow, to talk for a surprising amount of time; it was a human moment made even more so by the behavior of her icily unpleasant running mate.