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Note to Homer Glen residents: wear garlic



Dick Cheney is emerging from the dark lair of the fourth branch of government to... campaign for Marty Ozinga? For Jerry Weller's seat? Huh. Only $2300 for a photo with Dick (capturing him requires special film).

Not much polling has been done; the candidates released their own numbers last month, with Debbie Halvorson's showing her up ten and Ozinga's showing her up two. The Daily Herald political bloggers give her a good shot at winning.

Other non-presidential political news, which I've been neglecting, honestly:

* State Senate: The Southern Illinoisan reports that the race to replace Emil Jones as State Senate prez has two frontrunners: John Cullerton of Chicago (unsurprisingly believed to be Daley and Madigan's man) and James Clayborne of Belleville.

* IL-14: Esquire (?) endorses Bill Foster. Jim Oberweis has doubled down on the bailout.

* IL-6: Peter Roskam did as well. He's up against another vet, Jill Morgenthaler, and it's ugly. Progress Illinois, which is going to be biased, obviously, thinks that Obama and increased Democratic voter registration give Morgenthaler a good shot to win the seat that Tammy Duckworth lost.

* IL-10: Polling is all over the place, but the balance probably goes to Mark Kirk. Dan Seals is one of Daily Kos's targeted candidates.