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The wrong profile



The worst possible interpretation of the Palin pick is that the McCain campaign is old and thinks with its collective dick. I didn't think that--initially she seemed plausible, for someone who didn't know anything about her, not that I knew much more than the campaign--but then I read the NYT's interesting if not particularly shocking piece on why the McCain campaign is full of fail (not mentioned: the campaign is leaking like a sieve to the liberal media during the stretch run instead of campaigning):

"What he liked was how she stuck to her pet issues — energy independence and ethics reform — and thereby refused to let Rose manage the interview. This was the case throughout all of the Palin footage. Consistency. Confidence. And . . . well, look at her. A friend had said to Davis: 'The way you pick a vice president is, you get a frame of Time magazine, and you put the pictures of the people in that frame. You look at who fits that frame best — that’s your V. P.'"

What is this cover of Time you speak of? Doesn't Wonkette blog there?

This was probably a good idea circa 1950, before television... and Saturday Night Live... and the 24-hour news cycle... and YouTube... and all the other things that have made the cover of Time a non-factor. Anyway, since this blog has been a repository for confused speculation on McChaos, I thought I'd pass it along. I think it might factor in, but the ultimate lesson, I'm starting to think, is that the campaign lives in fear of its own base and it's pathetically obvious.