Kanye tweaked over "Robocop" leak | Bleader

Kanye tweaked over "Robocop" leak


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Another track from 808s & Heartbreak leaked, and Kanye's not happy: "I DID NOT LEAK ROBOCOP!!!... THAT'S NOT EVEN THE FINISHED VERSION... I'M PRETTY UPSET ABOUT IT BUT THAT'S THE WAY LIFE IS SOMETIMES!"

Aside from the fact that it's his song and he should be able to leak or keep it as he sees fit, I suspect that the next Kanye out there might be interested to hear unfinished tracks to see what becomes of them. In better Kanye-related news, he gives a shoutout to the new Jenny Holzer exhibit at the MCA (up through February '09). I won't pretend that I've been able to get into Holzer's LED sculptures, but the show's a pretty big deal.


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