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What you need to know going into tomorrow:

* Barack's grandmother, Madelyn Dunham, passed away today. Duncan Black, who has such a gift for finding the less-obvious tension in political news, makes a salient point about how the tragedy is greater than her death alone: "Obama's going into this without any of his guardians left - father, mother, stepfather, grandmother, grandfather."

* The most salient Reader articles on Obama: Ben Joravsky explains why a vote for Obama isn't a vote for Daley; Michael Miner argues that personal dynamism, not political movements, boosted Obama and Harold Washington to political success; Hank de Zutter profiled Obama back in 1995.

* Also relevant: Ben Joravsky on Obama and the local machine.

* The Reader's roundup of election night events. If you enjoy the accompanying Sarah Palin portrait, you will also like its source, Lauri's Veeps. Its creator, Lauri Apple of FoundClothing/Gapers Block fame, will be live-painting a portrait of Joe Biden tomorrow at Sonotheque, which I will have to miss because I will probably still have my reporter's hat on in Grant Park.

* Talking Points Memo speaks with Obama's national field director, Jon Carson. He breaks down the electoral vote needs for the campaign.

* The Washington Post claims Iraq died as an issue. They've got some numbers to back it up, but it's worth remembering that Obama probably wouldn't even be the Democratic nominee without the failure of the Iraq war.

* John McCain hit seven states today; he's far and away the most energetic part of his campaign. His GOTV is busted.

* A reminder: if you really, really, really can't decide, vote your pocketbook!

* The Trib has a handy guide to tomorrow's rally.

* The go-to sites for polls: FiveThirtyEight, RealClearPolitics, TPM Poll Tracker, DKos scoreboard

* Twitter: The WaPo's VoteMonitor; Twitter's own filter; Ana Marie Cox; Joe Trippi; Twitter Vote Report

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