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Not only did my SUPERPHONE die about 9:15, it's a bit hinky with our blog system, hence the slow fade from blog to Twitter to silence. I have to go to bed, but some late thoughts:

* Best moment of the night: reciting the Pledge of Allegiance and singing the national anthem with everyone in Grant Park.

* Second: The guys on the Michigan Ave. divider singing "This Land Is My Land." Thank you for that.

* Further: Obama's speech. Sam Cooke, Lincoln, puppies, and the Bible. The omen I should have picked up on was catching a truly gifted Red Line busker singing "A Change Is Gonna Come" the other day. Probably the best busker I've ever seen--a saintly voice. It takes guts to do "A Change Is Gonna Come." And he pulled it off.

* McCain's speech. It will get lost in the fray, but it was outstanding--not merely conciliatory, but insistent, almost to the point of excess, on the need to work with Obama's victory. Just when I think the man has lost all sense of decency he pulls me back in. My gut reaction is that McCain's sense of duty kicked in, which I think is strong with him. It's an invigorating perspective on being an American in the political opposition; watch it, if you missed it.

* Rhetoric and words: they're important. I like being reminded of that, since the subject is obviously dear to me. Also, voting. If you're like me the 2000 election was a formative event (I stayed up until the infomercials took over from the cable news broadcasts), but it's still pretty impressive that I can go to the polling place on Tuesday morning and have a new president beyond all sense of doubt by Tuesday evening.

* Also, McCain just seemed relieved to me. Bears mentioning.

* Roland Martin crying on CNN.

* All the "Yes we can" and "Si se puede" chants on Michigan leaving the rally. It was a bit like what I imagine Berlin was like just after the Wall fell.

* The crowd at the rally. Energetic and obviously partisan, but usually respectful and generally aware, in the group mind, of the gravity of the event.

* Atrios, still with his finger on the pulse: PRESIDENT BARACK FUCKING HUSSEIN OBAMA.

* Hearing "The Rising" on the way out. That song kills me. I can't make it through the bridge without getting misty.

* My home state. Sic semper tyrannis, mufuhs. There are no easy buckets on this court.

* Obama whatever, the big news tonight is that Virgil Goode might lose. Goode used to be a tolerable, libertarian conservative Southern Democrat-turned-Republican whom I didn't pay much mind (I grew up next to his district, but not in it), until he started going berserk over Muslims and coming across like a damn fool. I realize that this is a fairly obscure race, and one I didn't even pay attention to because I figured Goode would walk away with it, but it's resonant. Obama's victory is a watershed moment, but within a narrow timeframe it's not surprising. Goode facing defeat knocked me on my ass.

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