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Obama errata watch continues


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Sorry if you're getting bored, but as a U. of C. grad the rediscovery of Hyde Park via the Obama phenomenon is pretty entertaining. Apparently 57th Street Books is now a tourist destination (?!). It's a fine institution, but don't believe the hype--its sister store, the Sem Co-Op, is the real world-class bookstore in the neighborhood. The former is an outstanding general-interest bookstore with a great fiction collection and allegedly a good children's book section (I am not an informed judge of such things). It's better than most bookstores in the city; the Sem Co-Op is better than most bookstores in the world.

My new favorite Election Day celebration, incidentally, is the news that Valois served free breakfast for 2,000, although I have to call that article out for this sentence: "It's a community of used bookstores lightly perfumed by old, musty volumes." That's cute, Hemingway, but there are two used bookstores in the neighborhood, down from three when I was a student. There are also two liquor stores. There are more Thai restaurants than either.

FWIW, if you go on the Obama tour and swing by his house, I highly, highly recommend stopping at the gorgeous nearby Kenwood CPL branch, if only for the glass floors.

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