I expect to see "Free Bump J" shirts immediately | Bleader

I expect to see "Free Bump J" shirts immediately


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Major-label near miss Bump J has been hustling for a while trying to get some attention outside the Chicago hip-hop scene. He's finally got it, but it's probably not the kind he was hoping for--he's been arrested in Carbondale in connection with a bank robbery last year and faces a 20-year sentence if convicted. Ouch. The double ouch is this sentence: "A Chicago-based rapper could be performing his next set inside the Metropolitan Correctional Center after being charged by federal authorities with robbing an Oak Park bank in 2007." Well played, anonymous CBS newswire writer.

Also, while I'm not trying to imply that Bump is guilty, doesn't a bank-robbing rapper sound like a great idea for an action-comedy film? Somebody get me Hollywood on the phone.

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