Somehow he gets even whinier | Bleader

Somehow he gets even whinier



The weird, sad end to last night's Smashing Pumpkins show, as reported by Greg Kot:

"Why are you upset with us?" Corgan said. "It's 'cause we don't do what you want us to do. . . . We don't know what the [expletive] you want from us."

That is because you should retire, Billy Corgan. When you've lost the thread so badly that you're half-begging, half-berating your audience at the end of the night, you should put down the guitar and walk away. The crowd doesn't want a 17-minute Pink Floyd cover. They don't want kazoo encores.

When your band is 20 years old and hasn't been doing much of anything for most of the past decade, your fans want you to play the songs they remember from high school or from hearing on the radio when they were kids--they will tolerate only a limited number of new ones. They don't care about your poetry or your solo record. It may not be the fairest thing in the world, but it's the way things work. Go talk to Aerosmith. Maybe they can help you sort things out.