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Bringing crazy back


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There's been quite a bit of discussion about how many former Clinton appointees will be in the Obama White House. To an extent it's inevitable--Bill was president for eight years, so obviously many qualified Democrats will have gotten their qualifications during the previous Democratic administration. But I still think it's a terrible mistake, because of all the hardcore crazy America will have to suffer through from the New York Times. Obama could have nominated Plaxico Burress as Secretary of State and the reaction would be less weird:

Not all the staging was designed to address Mrs. Clinton’s sensibilities. She and the five other appointees walked out on stage and stood in line, almost as if at attention, waiting for the president-elect to walk in. He did so briskly, with Mr. Biden at his heels.

Could you at least chill until she does something MORE PROFOUND THAN STAND IN LINE?

And there was a fleeting flashback to her primary season gamesmanship when she listed representing New York as a foreign policy credential. “You’ve also helped prepare me well for this new role,” she told her Senate constituents. “After all, New Yorkers aren’t afraid to speak their minds and do so in every language.”

It's never going to end. Never, ever, ever.

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