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Indicators to watch out for watch



Sooner than later, that safety net of mine [Ed. note: $1k a month, if I'm reading it right] will drop out with the dwindling remnants of my childhood. Just as the panhandler I passed on the street made decisions that at least, in part, shaped his present state, I'll have to reassess the way I spend and earn money.... Not that I’d wish a recession on any economy, but the fact that it makes me face the facts, that’s something I’m grateful for.

I got this 848 college-app-style essay from a friend with the comment "848" definitely just ran a "I'm in my 20s and my parents want to cut me off, but don't feel sorry for me" story. This recession will rule. Passing it on because it's a unselfconsciously self-conscious bit of post-boom post-adolescent self-realization that, for its flaws as writing deserves to be in my little Internet time capsule because, I suspect, it's resonant.

Incidentally, if you're wondering, it's going to get bad.