Mondays through 1/26 -- Free espresso drinks at McDonald's | Bleader

Mondays through 1/26 -- Free espresso drinks at McDonald's


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You may have seen the McDonald's ads for McCafe Mondays, but a rough survey of ten downtown franchises revealed a Free Shit scandal to rival Blayola: Less than half the outlets--at 233 W. Jackson, 119 N. Wabash, 186 W. Adams, and 600 N. Clark, aka the Rock 'n' Roll McDonald's--are prepared to make good on the promise of free 8-oz drinks. (Note: An employee at the Jackson store admitted that participation is contingent on the presence of someone who can actually figure out how the new McCafe machine works.) Of the remaining locations, some were still waiting for their machine to arrive, others had theirs still in the box awaiting someone to install it, one flatly refuses to participate in the promotion, and the Merchandise Mart store did not pick up their phone. The campaign's scheduled to continue through the end of January. Come Monday, will we find more franchises have jumped onboard? Will McDonald's edge ever so slightly closer to bourgeois respectability like in some Dickensian bildungsroman? And will Estella, er, Starbucks ever care?

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