The Tribune knows a lot about layoffs | Bleader

The Tribune knows a lot about layoffs


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Monday' front page of the Tribune doesn't look like a front page. It's divided laterally into three ungainly parts: on the top, above the masthead, the headline "Senate Standoff Heats Up" (though the story itself is back on page 13); on the bottom, a collection of little boxes, the biggest being a full-color ad announcing a mattress clearance sale; and in the middle, the sort of feature that in years gone by would have shown up in a Sunday lifestyle section. 

"Holding on to your job" says the banner head, which continues in smaller but still headline-line size type: "It's rough out there, but don't lose hope. The Tribune brings you crucial advice on how to protect -- and even advance -- your career." 

The front page is dominated by a lime-colored cartoon that illustrates this story.

I'm sure that after the past year's many layoffs, anyone still at the Tribune knows a thing or two about job protection. And I'm confident there are readers who will thank the paper for sharing its tips. ("Look like you're working hard because perception is a part of performance reviews" is one of them.) But it wasn't until I'd thumbed to page six, where there was a story about the fighting in the Gaza Strip, that I felt I was reading an actual newspaper.

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