The unbearable whiteness of being | Bleader

The unbearable whiteness of being


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African-American Roland Burris, who is running against Schmidt, Poshard and Burns in the March 17 Democratic gubernatorial primary, spoke the truth in an unguarded moment recently when he referred to them in a speech as "white boys."

Eric Zorn revisits one of the more absurd points in Roland Burris's political career. I think this only goes to prove how unfortunate it is that there aren't better pejorative terms for members of the white male power structure ("cracker" and "redneck" have as much to do with region and poverty as race and like most terms of their ilk are about kicking a group when it's down).

My campaign to adopt Goodie Mob's multilayered and sociologically wry epithet "Jed Clampett" (cf: "now they're sayin' Juice left some heads cracked / I bet you Jed Clampett wants his money back") is going very slowly.

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