Roland of opportunity pt. 1 | Bleader

Roland of opportunity pt. 1


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I've tried, but I just can't get aggrieved over anything having to do with Roland Burris, because it's all just so logical. Take a moment and think if anything that's happened is actually surprising.

1. Blago runs afoul of the law, allegedly.

2. Our do-nothing state legislature does nothing on the most important facet of the issue.

3. Blago makes the most annoying possible decision, appointing a qualified, experienced, relatively unobjectionable pol whom Blago can demagogue about.

4. Said pick is a perpetual candidate with literally monumental self-regard and accepts.

5. Bobby Rush demagogues about it.

6. Blago says a lot of really stupid stuff.

7. The national Democratic Senate is disorganized about the whole thing and falls back on paperwork.

I'm not saying that anything about it is not inherently frustrating, but it's like complaining to God about the weather.