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King, Chicago, and memory


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Today would have been the 80th birthday of Martin Luther King, and J.R. Jones has the rundown on a screening of King in Chicago tonight at Northwestern. That reminded me of one of the more interesting posts I've done, a roundup of virulently anti-King Tribune editorials from 1966 during his sojourn here.

The one about using criminal-syndicate laws to bust King: well, you can't make that kind of thing up.

If you read it, keep it in mind when reading Michael Miner's eloquent reflection on the election of Barack Obama. My favorite part (emphasis mine):

"The night Obama won was surreally mellow in Grant Park. People wandered about stricken dumb by bliss. If you were young you knew you were witnessing history. If you were older you were staggered by how unbelievably generous time had decided to be. Maybe you recalled the infamous 'police riot' that had taken place in Grant Park 40 years earlier and alienated everyone it touched. Who there then could have imagined this? Time twists and turns, but when does it ever come back around to a place it once cursed and forgive it?"