New art show opens at Rotofugi tonight | Bleader

New art show opens at Rotofugi tonight


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Local purveyors of fine vinyl toys Rotofugi are opening a new art show called "Overdrive" at their gallery with a reception that starts Friday night at 6 PM and runs till 9. They're calling it a "loosely rock-and-roll themed affair," but the connection between music and the artists being shown is a little tighter than that. Local collagist Netherland likes to incorporate clipped-out images of stereo components and Beastie Boys references into his work, and UK illustrator McBess not only works musical themes into his visual art but is actually a pretty decent musician to boot. Both artists will be at tonight's reception, and the exhibit will be up till February 1.

A note to anyone thinking about attending: Beware of Rotofugi's selection of "blind box" figures. Taken one at a time, they may seem reasonably priced, but you're probably going to end up buying at least four or five once the addiction gets hold of you.

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