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Twitter gets a little noisier


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Twitter may have broken out of its geeky niche and gone mainstream, but the service's uber-simple construction has so far meant that it's been pretty short on the two kinds of content that people demand from any new technology: music playback and pornography.

The Twitter music scene is pretty cool now--my account today has told me what Kid Sister's listening to in iTunes, provided the set list from last night's Murder City Devils reunion show, and pointed me to advance-ticket links for a couple local clubs*--but the service is still waiting for a killer app that would, say, give users the ability to share music files as easily as URLs.

The creators of say they've done just that, though their new service doesn't seem to be the end-all Twitter music sharer. It's basically just a URL shortener a la TinyURL with added widgets to stream the song that it points to and to retweet the shortened link. Here's a link I made for an Obits MP3 on Sub Pop's site.

The fact that never actually has possession of the file is probably good for artists (and for reducing's exposure to lawsuits), but the real Twitter music-sharing killer app will be a significantly more on-the-fly type of situation, where I can drag and drop my song of the moment into my Twitter feed to share with anyone following it. And it'll probably be sued to smithereens by the RIAA within a week.

(Via the Wired blog and the Daily Swarm)

* Following Schubas, the Metro, and the Empty Bottle is worth it for their special offers even if you aren't into the whole Twitter thing.


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