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Dr. Feelgood



He may be among the least well-known of the dozen Democrats contending for the Fifth District congressional nomination, but Carlos Monteagudo swears he’s got an excellent shot of winning. “Yes, I can,” he says.

Monteagudo, a doctor who's worked for years in public hospitals, says he’s figured that with so many people in the race he could win with 6,000 to 7,000 votes, and he’s got a good idea where they’d come from. “The front-runners will be splitting the vote, mostly among white liberals,” he says. “I’m the only credible Latino candidate in a district that’s 25 percent Latino.”

The big-name candidates are also fighting over the same geographic turf, he notes. “They’ll be splitting the vote east of Western.”

But that’s not all. Dr. Carlos, as he calls himself, is following the lead of President Obama and vowing to help usher in a new era of politics. “There is a big group interested in change,” he says. “They don’t want business as usual.”

And he says his credentials as a physician are an even bigger draw. “There’s huge support for having a doctor who knows something about health care reform in Congress,” he says. “Plus, there’s the Medical Student Association—it has 64,000 members around the country, and they’re very interested that one of their own is running in this race.”

But it’s possible he might have to fight hard for this particular voting bloc, since there are two other doctors in the campaign. Monteagudo says they’re not the real deal. “I’m not just Victor Forys running a [medical] business—I’ve been working with the public a long time,” he says. He ignores Paul Bryar altogether.

“I have an authentic voice, and I think it needs to be heard,” Monteagudo says. “Now I just need to focus on raising some money and increasing my visibility.”