Spider-Man musical needs female villain, preferably "foreign" | Bleader

Spider-Man musical needs female villain, preferably "foreign"


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I didn't know that Bono and the Edge had written songs and lyrics for an upcoming musical version of Spider-Man, directed by Julie Taymor, that's scheduled to open on Broadway early next year. Open casting calls are happening in a number of U.S. cities, including Chicago (on May 7). The whole idea of a Spider-Man musical is enough to turn my stomach, but the requirements for the role of "lead female villain" are offensive in an entirely different way: "Female. 25-35 years old. All ethnicities encouraged. Must have an amazing rock voice. Think Sinead O'Connor with a Middle Eastern/Bulgarian/Greek twist. Foreign and/or world music types are great. Foreign accents are great."

You can find the description on this page if you don't believe me.

Now, the idea of Sinead O'Connor with a Middle Eastern twist is stupid enough, but it's amazing that in this day and age a Broadway show cowritten by Bono--by many accounts the greatest human being in the world--would reinforce the xenophobic stereotype that foreigners with thick accents are evil. 

Thanks to Aaron Cohen for the tip.

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