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The patty that saves the Tribune?


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Coming to CLTV on April 16, The Cheeseburger Show, with feature writer Kevin Pang. Well, at least it isn't Kim Barker or Paul Salopek.

Pang writes:

"It’s an idea I came up with after getting dozens of e-mails every time I wrote about cheeseburgers. People in Chicago (or anywhere it seems) are fiercely territorial about their burgers. So why not go around every week, highlight a few burger places and bring a camera crew?

"It airs on CLTV six times a week beginning April 16 and in HD at People can download it as a podcast on iTunes too. I grew up in the YouTube generation, making silly little videos with friends, so this has the tone of that, except we’re also trying to provide a public service – 'where can you get a tasty burger around town?'

"And oh, to all those naysayers complaining that 'Tribune Co. is diverting their resources to THIS?!?!', myself and a few friends filmed, edited, did sound, put on the pancake makeup completely by ourselves, on our own time. A labor of love, to be sure.

"And the advertising folks are trying to get a sponsor for this too, so if anything, this will actually (hopefully) bring in coin for Mother Tribune."

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