Seriously, chandeliers on a Cadillac. I just can't get over that.



Fake Shore Drive proprietor Andrew Barber has been known to get a little hyperbolic when he's excited, so when I got an e-mail from him saying that the video for Project Mayhem's "Lo Sweatas"--a song that's been growing on me over the past few weeks--had "raised the bar" and stuff, I figured I wasn't actually in for anything more than the usual capably produced but ultimately unexciting video that Chicago rappers tend to make.

That was before I saw that it has a Cadillac with chandeliers on the hood:

Project Mayhem "Lo Sweatas" video from marc moran on Vimeo.

My bad, guys.

Also take note that between the song's subject matter and the date they're dropping the video, Project Mayhem (our readers' choice for best hip-hop act in Chicago, by the way) seem to be forgoing the contest to see who can make the most hot-shit summer hip-hop jam and instead concentrating on owning early spring, when you still have to do some layering. Another next-level move.

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