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Let the beat build


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For whatever reason, of all the emotions music can trigger, the one people acknowledge the least seems to be joy--often what you see people responding to is just something like "grittiness" or "importance" or "blogworthiness." Which is why those acts that embrace the ecstatic can be so moving--I've only ever listened to the Polyphonic Spree's albums for long enough to figure out I don't like them, but a couple of the band's shows are among the best concerts I've ever seen.

I get a similarly warm fuzzy feeling from this video by NYU rapper Nyle, a rewrite of Lil Wayne's "Let the Beat Build" rendered live in a single take with a whole crowd of impressively choreographed musicians. Nyle says it took 30 takes to get a keeper, which makes the fact that no one in the studio seems visibly miserable even more noteworthy. The song's posi-soul hook probably helped keep everybody feeling OK, but I suspect that Nyle--who raps earnestly about how much he appreciates having access to NYU's pro-grade studio and who promises, "As long as I'm surviving off of beats and rhyming / Then I don't mind surviving off of eating no ramen"--gives off some heavy uplift vibes of his own.

Nyle "Let The Beat Build" from Nyle on Vimeo.

If the bit at the end where everyone jumps into frame and starts bouncing around doesn't warm your heart, there's probably no hope for you.