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Slappin' your troubles away


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Until today I thought of the Slap Chop commercial as the Too Legit to Quit of the Vince Offer oeuvre, compared to the Please Hammer Don't Hurt 'Em of his bananas Shamwow spot--entertaining and with a few bright spots, but nowhere near as paradigm altering. (By extension that prostitute-punching incident could be considered his Funky Headhunter.) However, that opinion has been obliterated by this remix:

Steve Porter knows how to make a funny song. It's got to be catchy, which this definitely is. After Hopper sent this my way over IM she said, "I would listen to this on the radio." I would too. I would love "Rap Chop" to be the ubiquitous car-radio blarer of summer '09.

Also note how briefly Porter deals with the "You're gonna love my nuts" line. Smart. "You're gonna love my nuts" is amateur-hour stuff. Anyone can loop Vince Offer talking about his nuts and get a laugh out of it. Porter smartly zeroes in on the truly ridiculous shit, like the absolutely horrifying bootleg breakfast replacement he serves up. Also: "Tacos / Fettuccini / Linguini / Martini / Fettini (?)." That's some lyrics right there.

Nicely done, Steve Porter. And everyone else, stop making Slap Chop remixes. Game over.


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