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Everything old is new again


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Via Romenesko, I just got this press release about collaborations at Northwestern between J-schoolers and comp-sci students (including recent Trib hire Brian Boyer, whose blog is worth following). This is my favorite product:

"MACHINE GENERATED SPORTS STORIES (MGSS): Using box scores, play-by-play data and information readily available on the Web, this tool produces computer-generated baseball stories. Using conditional probability -- which predicts who is going to win a baseball game based on the statistics and situation -- the stories can even identify key moments and plays in a game."

You may be thinking "great, what journalism needs is a combination of Jay Mariotti and HAL 9000," but it reminds me of the job that got Ronald Reagan started on the route to becoming the Great Communicator: "live" brodacasting Chicago Cubs games from a room in Iowa, using only a telegraph feed of the plays. I'd die happy if I could hear those broadcasts. Personally my dream is to become the first color Twitterer and maybe one day parlay that into running the EFF or something.

Which reminds me: MLB's Gameday Audio is the best entertainment value in the world, $15 a season for any baseball radio broadcast. It's worth it just to listen to Dodgers games, even if you're not a Dodgers fan; Vin Scully and Charley Steiner may be a combination you'll never hear the likes of again. Also recommended: the Giants' Jon Miller.

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