Happy birthday, LTHForum | Bleader

Happy birthday, LTHForum



Some time last month LTHForum turned five years old. Since that's about 85 in Internet years, the Chicago culinary chat site has officially become venerable, with a total of 6,820 registered members, 248,179 individual posts on 20,489 topics, and entertaining an untold number of lurkers (figures most likely out of date by the time you read this). And it was all started by a rebel faction of Chowhounds spurred into action when big dog Jim Leff banned a few of them from posting.

Here's an interesting and illustrative trip down memory lane with one of the very first posts, titled I am Katsu's Bitch and still active. It gives a good idea what this evolving, vibrant, and mostly collegial community is all about. It even spawned a second thread, which in turn incited an angry debate on urban slang (just going to show the forum's not beyond suffering from the occasional troll-driven train wreck). 

But for the most part LTH remains an important--even indispensable--resource in the local food media landscape. Happy birthday.