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Post office odds & ends


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* Brilliant, kind of moving: last year John Ronan Architects proposed turning the old Chicago central post office into an above-ground burial vault. Lynn Becker has a fascinating look at Ronan's elegiac idea.

* A shot of the 1921 version (before the 1932 expansion), designed by Graham, Anderson, Probst & White, who did the Wrigley Building, the Merchandise Mart, the Civic Opera House, and others.

* Chicago Tribune, 2006: "Looked at in one way, the $2 million in annual holding costs for just the old Chicago post office could've kept 100 million letters at the old 37 cents rate for first-class postage instead of the new 39-cents rate."

* A fantastic 1931 diagram of the old post office.

* Architecture criticism used to be wicked boring.

* Gorgeous picture by ArnK:

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