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Everything must go or be destroyed


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How we're selling records now: in bulk at deep discounts in order to avoid seeing them end up in the trash.

Harsh times for the record business have forced the distributor for the well-liked Champaign-based label Polyvinyl Records to consolidate and downsize, and they recently gave Polyvinyl a two-option ultimatum: start paying for the storage of 10,000 discs that the distro stocks or have them destroyed.

Polyvinyl has decided to take a third route and simply liquidate them, using the project-funding site Kickstarter. For a limited time they're offering a range of donation price points that each come with a different package of goodies, starting with a Mates of State DVD for $5 and going up to a super-bonkers package of 26 CDs and DVDs for $50, shipping included. There are some good jams in there too, from Rainer Maria to Saturday Looks Good to Me to Of Montreal to some excellent selections from the Joan of Arc oeuvre.

Here's the full rundown of the $50 package:

31Knots "Curse of the Longest Night" CD
Aloha "Some Echoes" CD
AM/FM "Getting Into Sinking" CD
AM/FM "Mutilate Us" CD
AM/FM "The Sky Is the New Ground" CD
Architecture in Helsinki "Places Like This" CD
Audible "Sky Signal" CD
Collections of Colonies of Bees "Customer" CD
Decibully "City of Festivals" CD
Friction (ex-Braid) "Discography 1991-1994" 2xCD
Hail Social "Hail Social" CD
Joan of Arc "Joan of Arc, Dick Cheney, Mark Twain" CD
Joan of Arc "The Intelligent Design of Joan of Arc" CD
Kyle Fischer / Mike Kinsella / Caithlin DeMarrais "Open Ground" CD
Mates of State "Two of Us" DVD
Of Montreal "Icons Abstract Thee" CD
Of Montreal "The Early Four Track Recordings" CD
Paris Texas "Action Fans Help Us!" CD
Pele "Elephant" CD
Picastro "Metal Cares" CD
Rainer Maria "Long Knives Drawn" CD
Rainer Maria "Anone in Love With You (Already Knows)" CD+DVD
Rainer Maria "Ears Ring" CD
Rainer Maria "Rainer Maria" CD
Saturday Looks Good to Me "Cold Colors" CD
ZZZZ "Palm Reader" CD

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