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This week in the death of journalism


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* The probably-about-to-sell-their-money-machine-to-the-Ricketts-again Tribune Company: If the worst economy in 30 years gets any worse, they might not make a profit, at some point in the theoretical future.

Any idiot can bankrupt a company; it takes a genius to wreck a highly profitable one.

* By the way, the Zell advisor who spearheaded the innovative deal (i.e. "borrowed $11.2 billion on behalf of the company's employees"), Nils Larsen, was one of Crain's "40 Under 40" in 2007

* Recent Medill commencement speaker and Washington Post publisher Katherine Weymouth continues to awkwardly walk back her plan to sell chunks of her dignity at $2500 a pop.

* All this remains bloggers' fault.

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